Our TechnoHunt is open the same hours as the store.  We schedule in 30 min. increments with the last shooters finishing at closing time.  

Give us a call for current openings 419-456-3138. 

What to bring: 

At Cherry's Outdoor World we offer an unusual, fun, and interactive archery practice for our customers.  We have a TechnoHunt range! 

TechnoHUNT  allows our customers to use their own equipment. No need to shoot a different bow or different arrows. The game allows you to focus on shooting while it does all the scoring for you.  Scenarios from all over the world give archers a fun and challenging spin on target practice.    

Demo video provided by Archery Interactive



Archers shoot from 20 yards. 

*Only compound/recurve bows are permitted in the TechnoHunt range. 

A compound bow or recurve bow

At least 3 arrows 

Techno Hunt Rates: 

           30 min: $5 per shooter (max 6 shooters )

         1 Hour: $10 per shooter (max 6 shooters )