What to bring: 

Demo video provided by Archery Interactive


A compound bow or recurve bow

At least 3 arrows 

At Cherry's Outdoor World we offer an unusual, fun, and interactive archery practice for our customers.  We have a TechnoHunt range! 

TechnoHUNT  allows our customers to use their own equipment. No need to shoot a different bow or different arrows. The game allows you to focus on shooting while it does all the scoring for you.  Scenarios from all over the world give archers a fun and challenging spin on target practice.    

Our TechnoHunt is open the same hours as the store.  We schedule in 30 min. increments with the last shooters finishing at closing time.  

Give us a call for current openings 419-456-3138. 

Archers shoot from 20 yards. 

*Only compound/recurve bows are permitted in the TechnoHunt range. 

Techno Hunt Rates: 

           30 min: $5 per shooter (max 6 shooters )

         1 Hour: $10 per shooter (max 6 shooters )